My first (completed) game ever! The classic game, implemented in Linoleum. So I'm very proud at it. This game wasn't really hard to make, that's why I choose to make it. And also because I used to play this game a lot with my best friend. While programming this game I learned programming in lino. The source is available at this site. It is presented to learn from or to improve. I know I'm not the best programmer out there, but I'm learning.

The game supports:
- one or two players
- skinnable playfield
- fully sortable highscorelist

Skinnable playfield:
The playfield is skinnable, which means that you can set a picture as background for the playfield. This picture has to be a targa-file. And it has to have a size of 283 * 213 pixels. An editor which handles TGA files is for example The Gimp (for Windows: www.wingimp.org)

The source code is included and released under LGPL, unless stated differently.

(C)2002, 2003 Peterpaul Klein Haneveld