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The World JOTA-JOTI Team announced today the official opening of the 2014 JOTA-JOTI website at http://www.world-jotajoti.info. This website is your source of official Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet news, information, and support for your local operation. Jamboree on the Air and Jamboree on the Internet on the third weekend of October is the largest Scouting event in the world, with nearly 1 million Scouts from 160+ countries engaged in conversations across town and around the world. Scouts communicate with one another via amateur radio and the Internet, providing a fun and educational Scouting experience and promoting their sense of belonging to a worldwide Scout Movement. This year's event is October 18, 19 with a program of activities developed at the world level and initiatives developed at local and national levels. All of this is supported by the World Organization of the Scout Movement through the efforts of their World JOTA-JOTI Team.

Within the next few days, this temporary web site that you are visiting now will be redirected automatically to the new web site.

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Do you dare to experiment ?


56th JOTA: Who on earth can you talk to?

How far does your radio signal reach and at which time can you contact another continent? Find out here.


56th JOTA: put your radio plot map on line

Show the world all the radio contacts you made for JOTA and display your actual; transmitting frequency live on line ! Find out how.


JOTA logo

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Download the logo by right-clicking the picture and save it to your local machine..


Participation Cards

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Each participating station receives a card, as a confirmation of its participation. Ask your National JOTA Organizer.



  • Idea book for antennas pulled into the air by kites
  • Several exciting Foxhunting recipes
  • Radio Puzzle games from different countries
  • Morse code games Idea set for playing with the world’s time differences
  • and much more here

Additional JOTA-JOTI programme suggestions

A few examples of the many programme suggestions available in the JOTA fact sheets (on the radio-scouting web or in printed form):

  • The continuing story.... Make up a short imaginative story of ten lines. Read it to the station with whom you are in contact. Ask them to add the next part to this story and pass it on to the next scout station that they will contact. If you receive such a story by radio from another scout group, write it down in your station report afterwards. This activity is also very well suited for RTTY (telex) and packet-radio contacts.
  • The global weather situation. Take a large wall map of the whole world. Ask the Scouts who you speak to, to give you the local weather report. Indicate this on the map for the area where they are located. A weather report in a local newspaper will show you how to do this on a map. At the end of the weekend you have the global weather view.
  • Determine the distance of each radio contact that you make and add them all up. Can you reach 100.000 km in one JOTA weekend ?
  • Make a simple drawing. Give instructions by radio to Scouts how to draw the same picture, line by line, without telling them what the picture is. Can they reconstruct your drawing and tell you what it is ?
  • Each scout patrol gets 20 metres of ordinary electrical wire. Can they construct a "super antenna", to their imagination, with which the radio operator can make a contact ?
  • Find out what the local names are for "Scouts" and "Guides" in at least ten different countries. Make a list.
  • Learn to sing the first lines of a foreign song. Find some Scouts on the radio from the country where the song comes from. Sing their song and see if they can join you in it. !